8th International Ozone Applications Symposium

The National Center for Scientific Research,in the framework of the 17th International Scientific Congress CNIC 2020,has the pleasure of inviting you to participate in the 8th Ozone Applications Symposium.
The goal is to achieve fruitful exchange of experiences and scientific ideas, as well as the updating of knowledge in research related to the use of ozone.Therefore, specialists from anywhere in the world are invited to either present their work or to participate as non-speaker delegates.
An extensive scientific program has been organized that covers the issues addressed by our Center during the last 30 years of scientific work. Other applications developed by specialists from different parts of the world will also be discussed.
The main topics to be addressed at the event are:Ozone chemistry,Preclinical ozone research,Ozone therapy,Ozonized Vegetable Oils and their applications, Ozone and ozonated products in veterinary medicine, Ozonized substances with biological activity, Applications of ozone in food and pharmaceutical industries,ozone generator systems,Ozonation of substrates and premises,other applications of Ozone and Regulatory and quality issues.
The official languages will be Spanish and English.
We hope to give you a warm welcome and enjoy the calm and beautiful environment ofVaradero beach, one of the most beautiful in the world. Cuba is characterized by the security and hospitality it offers to its visitors, which makes this Caribbean beach, located in the province of Matanzas,an ideal place to celebrate our event together.

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